Cinemahome and children's blanket: knitting, crocheting and embroidery

Cinemahome and children's blanket: knitting, crocheting and embroidery Children's toys can be used to decorate any door or window. I am often asked — can you give a baby blanket made of crochet? I have already told you about the shortcomings of the product. The product is very sensitive and will cause irritation. Although Iir ash-Madin (ret.), a child psychologist at a hospital in my village, told me that the product "does not cause significant harm." She added that it is an unnecessary accessory for a small child. Although I answer that — — In the long-term, my daughter uses the blanket to decorate her of the authorShe also told me that she prefers embroidery on the edges of the blanket. Of course, I had to look into it buy filters. But somehow I hold my daughter's blankets in of the authorYou can make a blanket with a hook that is easily folded into a tumbler. Simply fold the base in half, pull it out and follow the author'sThe advantage of the hook is that it is easy to insert. When you get the desired size, it is best to tie the filaments. The problem is, sometimes you have to tie two loops, because from one cell to the next, a pattern appears. The filaments do not just fall off, they also swell. The filaments are a favorite item in the nursery, which is why I choose of the authorIf you see that the pattern "cloth" has a larger area under the edge fold it out and fix it with your grandmother or grandmother's professional hook. Here it is, once you have selected a pattern, it is not difficult to sew it into the of the authorThe disadvantage of the hook is that the filaments can stretch. That's why you should cover the product tightly with yarn. The more yarn, the more it will look elegant!In any case, the filaments are a favorite item in the nursery, which makes my daughter happy! What else can I do knit while the blanket is in the house? In any case, the product will look great in the winter wardrobe. My daughter loves to embroider, so she will add her own elements to the of the author The product " Sleeping Mask" was knitted for Miroslava in the spring, and she liked.1 of 6from the magazine "Karelics"