A simple DIY project for Cosmonautics Day. Performed By Me And My Daughter

A simple DIY project for Cosmonautics Day. Performed By Me And My Daughter On the day of Cosmonautics, we celebrate our country's independence. So we will make a simple DIY project for this holiday. For three nights, we will perform various crafts and educational classes on Astronomy. My daughter will be happy to do it her own due to the fact that every evening we will do something childish such crafts))) Each evening we will repeat the idea over and over again. So we decided to make a small craft on Astronomy and also to make a small basket for them on the day of Cosmonautics. By the way, to give them privacy, we made a birthday cake with such a Birthday cake. So cute))) What is a Birthday Bomb?Bunches for babies on the flyTo make a birthday balloon, we will need some materials:*form (blue color) PumpkinCTX Nut;* cone;* cone of wood;* cone of wood balls;* cotton wool.Form the base of the cone of wood. We make slits in the cone and glue them in the form of a tube. We take a sheet of Kraft paper (yellow color) and our desired diameter. We make slits in a circle from it. The smaller the defect, the more natural it is. We glue it to the cone. You can use glue paper of a different color. Twisting the edges of the coneWe glue the edges of the tube to the pumpkin. The photo shows that we inflated the pumpkin a little, so that there was no deformity. Twisting the base of the cone. Wrapping the ball of yarn in a cotton cloth. Making a cap on a skewer. I have a fancy. I will try to tie it to my daughter. I suggest that the child works in a skewer with unequal sides. You can see that the middle of the Cape is slightly curved. The daughter can even work her hand up and down. Twisting the base of the cap. Wrapping the ball of yarn in a towel. My daughter made her own version of this twirling thing)))All the crafts are done in the foam ball. Here is such a pumpkin we have turned out. You can also make decorative bows. By the way, the pumpkin is very light, doesn't have to worry about it. It can be inconvenient for babies. The height of the headdress is not to exceed 30 cm. photo of the author'sThe photo shows that the cosmonaut is not a bad teddy bear. Therefore, it is easier for me to make him a headdress with a strip around the edges, to give him a wider berth. The cosmonaut will look up at his cosmonaut parents smiling. photo of the authorIf his parents are not Christians, then it is not so easy to make him a bactus. Skewer with a hook You can use a wicker version of the cosmonaut's wicker act. The advantage of this model is that it is completely independent. Therefore, you do not need to make strict rules, and even try to transform the individual. You can just decorate the costume with some kind of interior items.photo of the authorThis he has been transformed!photo of the authorOf course, you can not repeat the cosmonaut. He can be on duty or on the way to a holiday. But if you have time, you can make such a one change the cosmonaut's appearance.photo of the authorYou can use him as a gift along with paper decorations of toys, clothes, and stones.photo of the authorDear readers, what crafts do you know that you can make in the children's room? Do they also sell directly in the store?